Beef Jerky-Black Pepper 90g

Featuring a blend of special spices, Mike’s Beef Jerky Black Pepper flavour, is generated from freshly cracked peppercorns in every batch to create that genuine black pepper flavour.

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Friends and family have been enjoying Mike’s full-flavoured, wood-smoked beef jerky for over 30 years. Mike’s Beef Jerky was established in 2019, so you too can experience this mouth-watering treat. Our product is proudly produced and packaged locally in Robe, South Australia using 100% premium Australian beef. Send us your comments at

1 review for Beef Jerky-Black Pepper 90g

  1. Melbo70

    This is the nicest jerky I had in a long time. The process leaves the meat with all the intense flavour of a jerky but with the tenderness of a biltong and the addition of the black pepper provides a nice amount of spice and warmth. I’ve eaten biltong in South Africa and tried many Australian beef jerkies but none compares to the flavour and texture of Mike’s black pepper jerky. Have just jumped on-line to order more after purchasing at Adelaide Show when I saw I could leave a review as well.
    Thanks Mike for a unique and delicious jerky!

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